3-hr LBC Tango Club Dance BootCamp

Limited Space - Purchase Now!

Saturday April 8th,  1:30PM - 4:30pm

Learn to dance in one day!!!

(4) Popular Social dance lessons in 3 hours!

Argentine Tango, Waltz, West Coast Swing, & Lindy-Hop.


Four, 45-min. popular Social dance lessons will get you ready for any dance event.

All classes are open level progressive (starts slow & moves quickly). Great for

beginners & dancers of all levels who are interested in trying different Social dances. 


-Regular admission price is $39

-Early Bird price only $29  (buy them as gifts, there's no limit)

-Currently Matriculated college students pay only $25 (Call to register)

-Current DanceSport Monthly unlimited V.I.P. students pay only $25 (Call to register)

Buy now & save!


Boot Camp Schedule*:

1:15PM - Registration - Meet & Greet!

              (get to know our instructors & fellow dancers)


1:30PM - 2:15PM - Argentine Tango Fundamentals: (the evolving embrace)

                             Passionate & beautiful, learn this elegant
                              dance from Buenos Aries. In this workshop
                              you'll learn to walk with Tango elegance.
                              embrace your partner with a magical connection
                              not found in any other dance, as you navigate
                              the dance floor with precision & grace.


2:15PM - 3PM - Argentine Tango Waltz: (tools for fluidity, musicality & esthetics)

                              No other dance personifies grace & fluidity
                         more than "Tango Waltz". The preferred dance for
                         those who insist on perfection in fundamentals.
                         Creating beautiful lines while gliding through
                         the dance floor, Tango Waltz will capture
                         your imagination, your hart & your soul.

                         Great for wedding dance too.


3PM - 3:15PM - Break Time: (Water & Snacks)

3:15PM - 4PM - West Coast Swing: (6 count basic with variations)

                        Fun & exciting, West Coast Swing is still one
                         of the most popular dances in the world. In this
                         workshop you will learn: fundamentals, music timing,
                         6 count variations & cool moves you can use today.


4PM - 4:45PM - Lindy-Hop: (rock step & cool swing-outs)

                            Popular & fun, Lindy-Hop will get you moving
                         to music like you've danced your whole life.
                         Master the "rock-step" & learn some really cool
                         "swing-out" variations. A must class if you are
                         looking to have Fun! fun! fun!

*(schedule is subject to change)

To register, please stop by the studio or call us at:

(562) DS-Dance or (562) 373-2623 or click link for PayPal-