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Level Up Dance Videos

Our Dance & Performance Teams

Meet Our Team Members

Erick:  aka "El Papi"

From Long beach, CA.
I am a cardio machine.

I enjoy staying active.

If i am not hiking or

working out, you can

always find me on the dance floor having a great time. With over 18 years of training and experience, i am an accomplished martial arts instructor and business owner of my own training facility. With over 4 years of dance training at DanceSport and fitness i enjoys all social dancing especially Salsa, Bachata and my favorite, Cha-cha-cha. It's hard to keep me off the dance floor.

Oscar: aka "Smooth"

From Los Angeles, CA.

"I grew up with six brothers.

That's how I learned how to

dance -- waiting for the bathroom.

" -- Bob Hope. That quote suits me

because out of my six brothers and

one sister, I am the only one who ever had a passion for dancing. I learned to break dance at a young age and then I tried different forms of dancing until I found my groove
with Latin Dancing. I've been taking lessons at the studio

for four years, and I've been performing for two. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. It's too much fun.

I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree
in Film and Electronic Arts. Professionally, I am an Associate Buyer for an Aerospace Company, but I pursue

my passions as a writer and dancer during my off time.

Erika: aka "Sunshine"

From Long Beach

Bio coming soon

Rebekah-(The One): aka "Sushi Chef"

From Long Beach

Bio coming soon

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