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Meet Our Team Members

Lizbeth: aka "Sultry"

From Anaheim, CA.

I work for a local school district.

Since joining the performance

team in 2014, my dancing has

exponentially grown to new

heights. I feel fortunate to have meet
many wonderful people through dance, especially my teammates. There are many

things i really enjoy about DanceSport, like workshops, dance training, and all the many friends i have met the last few years. I like to dance Slow, Sensual and Sexy, which makes
sense for me because my spirit animal is a Sloth. I always have a positive attitude and i profoundly laugh at just about anything.

I also enjoy kickboxing.

Erick:  aka "El Papi"

From Long beach, CA.
I am a cardio machine.

I enjoy staying active.

If i am not hiking or

working out, you can

always find me on the dance floor having a great time. With over 18 years of training and experience, i am an accomplished martial arts instructor and business owner of my own training facility. With over 4 years of dance training at DanceSport and fitness i enjoys all social dancing especially Salsa, Bachata and my favorite, Cha-cha-cha. It's hard to keep me off the dance floor.

Elizabeth: aka the "Unicorn"


From Anaheim, CA.
Having performed on

various dance teams
in high school, dance

has always been a very special part of my life.
I began Salsa dancing over a year ago and was immediately hooked after performing
for the first time. I am now challenging myself and training with my Dancesport teamates
in other Latin dances like Mambo, Cha-cha-cha and Bachata. My goal is to share my passion
and love of dance with others, including my five beautiful children.

Brandon: aka "Guapo"

From Cypress, CA.
I am passionate about my hobbies

of Latin dancing, yoga and traveling.
If I am not on the dance floor, i am either exercising, exploring different cultures and cuisine or spending

quality time with my family and

friends. I began dancing at

DanceSport and Fitness three

years ago and I am very thankful

for the experiences and friends I

have made through dance.

Beatrice: aka "Slim-B"

From Long Beach, CA.

Beatrice, has been dancing for over 10 years.

Her love for dance began early on, however she was

never able to pursue dance until much later in her life.

In high school she took dance as her elective and never

looked back.  After studying ballet, contemporary and

jazz for many years, she fell in love with salsa dancing

after a trip to Barcelona, Spain during her college years.

She fell in love with the people, the culture, and everything

that represented salsa dancing.  The music was captivating

and the passion was undeniable. Since then, she just knew

she had to find a way to learn it for herself. She got back to

the states and started looking for instructors and studios.

It's been one of her biggest passions yet and she can't wait to continue to grow in develop as a salsa dancer.

A Chapman University graduate, today she is the marketing director of a fast growing apparel company called Z SUPPLY.  She's a chronic hobbyist and loves urban gardening and experiencing new foods by cooking and exploring new eateries.

Oscar: aka "Smooth"

From Los Angeles, CA.

"I grew up with six brothers.

That's how I learned how to

dance -- waiting for the bathroom.

" -- Bob Hope. That quote suits me

because out of my six brothers and

one sister, I am the only one who ever had a passion for dancing. I learned to break dance at a young age and then I tried different forms of dancing until I found my groove
with Latin Dancing. I've been taking lessons at the studio

for four years, and I've been performing for two. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. It's too much fun.

I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree
in Film and Electronic Arts. Professionally, I am an Associate Buyer for an Aerospace Company, but I pursue

my passions as a writer and dancer during my off time.

Misa: aka "Salsera Oriental"

 I am a licensed massage therapist. My hobbies are dancing, yoga, drawing and playing the shamisen, a traditional Japanese musical instrument. I've always had a passion for dance, since the age of twelve. From the first time i saw singers dancing to R&B music on TV. In 2002 i saw some friends salsa dancing, and i was really impressed. They told me that they took some lessons and that i should do the same, i did. Years later i took a break from lessons and dancing for a while because of school and work. Finally in 2012, I started taking dance classes again at DanceSport and Fitness and i am really happy, enjoying dancing and being part of a dance team. For me, dancing is not Just a hobby, it's also physically, mentally and spiritually good for me. It is the best  healing tool that brings joy to my heart. I LOVE IT!!!

Thirith: aka "T"

From Lakewood, CA.
With a graduated degree in Computer Science. I am fascinated in exploring other cultures through dancing, traveling, and photography. In my two years of dancing at DanceSport and Fitness, i have traveled to nine different countries across the world, meeting others who share my passion as well.

The confidence i have gained through learning to dance, extends beyond the dance floor, and into every day life.

Earl: aka "Sexy Bachata"

From Long Beach, CA.

Assistant Instructor & team leader.

Earl grew up as an athlete rather than

a dancer. That all changed one day when

a mentor suggested to him that, "All men

should learn to partner dance." He followed

that advice and started learning Salsa dancing in 2007.
Earl then discovered DanceSport and Fitness and continued his dance training. In 2009. Through his commitment, hard work & dedication, Earl was happily invited to join DanceSports semi-professional dance team, Mambo Caliente. Having developed a passion for Bachata, Earl was driven to create the community known as SoCal Bachata in 2010 which helped grow the  local Bachata scene from a once a week event, to multiple
weekly events. Earl has performed & instructed in various dance events including the prestigious Salsa Mambo Festival. Earl has recently become an entrepreneur and started his own business called smartchoicecoffee.com. As one of the longest active members of the studio,  you can often find him assisting in the classes and lending his experience to  new students.

Erika: aka "Sunshine"

From Long Beach

Bio coming soon

Rebekah-(The One): aka "Sushi Chef"

From Long Beach

Bio coming soon


From Downey

Bio coming soon