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Instructional Dvd Sale

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Everyone's talking about which is best, Salsa (On1) or Mambo (On2).

Just what is the difference anyway? Why not learn both?

Dance anywhere in the world with great confidence and versatility

of both timing and Styles. With this instructional dvd program,

you'll learn the building blocks and proper fundamental ways to

execute some of the most popular moves seen on the dance floor today.

Masterfully instructed "On1 and On2" - you'll see the fundamental

techniques come together to create beautiful patterns and styling.

​With over (200) moves, this 3 volume instructional Dvd set

makes a great program for all levels of dancers who want to

learn or improve their Latin dancing fundamentals

& techniques on two timing for Salsa and Mambo.

With over 10,000 copies sold in Europe & U.S.

Find out why these instructional Dvd's are the preferred

program for many dance teachers to use as an

important part of their teaching curriculum.

Enjoy the bonus material and helpful hints. 

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Purchase can be made in person at the dance studio or by calling us at (562) 373-2623