New Dance & Fitness Class!

Every Thursday 6pm to 7pm (open level) Only $10

BellyDance & Fitness with Ami

Every Thursday 6-7pm

Join us for an exciting dance & fitness class with classically-trained bellydancer Ami at DanceSport & Fitness.

WIth over ten years of experience as a professional performer and tutor,

Ami wants to teach you to have fun and get fit with the beautiful art of bellydance. This class is designed to drill the basic elements of bellydance

in a fast-paced and heart-pumping cardio format.
Dancers ranging from beginner to advance will benefit from the opportunity

to drill moves and cross-train with calisthentics.

The class will begin with a generic warm-up to get the blood flowing

and joints loosened, followed by a basic overview of music theory, posture, and body mechanics as we transition through body isolation moves. Each drill will have the opportunity for adding layers to challenge your skill level and burn more calories! We will end with a gentle yoga-inspired cool down and stretch.

Notes on clothing:

Do wear leggings, yoga pants, sports bras, tank tops, t-shirts, and fringe
scarves. Ballet shoes, socks, and dance footies are optional.

DO NOT wear cheap jingly coin scarves. The bells and bobbles break off, which can hurt bare feet.