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FIRST TIME DANCING?  What you need to know



At Level Up Dance Studio, you can expect a safe & fun filled environment for learning. An experienced & professional staff ready to educate, motivate & inspire you to be the best you can be on the dance floor.  


Learning to dance is a fantastic social activity. It's a great way to meet people, make friends & build self confidence that can transfer to other areas of everyday life.

Dancing also helps to build your mind, your & body & soul.

What to bring?

It is mandatory, that you must bring the following with you every day.

An open mind, a great attitude & a friendly smile. If it's your 1st time to Level Up please see below for further instructions.

Which dance is right for me?


Choosing a dance style that's right for you is easy.

In choosing to learn to dance most people are inspired by something or someone they saw on Tv, the movies or at an event. Or perhaps you are going to a special event like a party or wedding. Or you are currently dating someone new, who likes to dance & you need to get your act together.

The right dance for you may not be the newest trend or most popular dances but one that is complimentary to your stature, demeanor & personality.


In choosing the right dance, consider the following:

1- Is this dance something i can realistically physically do?

2- What level of proficiency do i want to dance at, beginner,           intermediate, advance or professional level?

3- Is learning this dance a long or short term commitment?

4- Are there other expense besides the actual dance lessons involved, like: dance shoes, clothing or events?


You may have to try a few different classes before you find the one that's right for you. Keep in mind that the process of learning takes time & everyone learns at a diffrent pace. As long as you're having fun, learning will be easy.   

What to wear to class:

Clothing should be dress casual, somthing you can move comfortably in. No gym wear, Yoga or workout gear. 

Dance Etiquette:

All students are required to sign in at front desk. All students must come ready to learn & dance. All students must have the proper dance attire, clothing & shoes. All students must conduct themselves in a professional manner & adhere the the studios rules, written or otherwise. if you are late to class, please enter the class in the rear, take a seat & wait for the instructor to allow you to join the class. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may not be allowed to join a class already in progress. Please be courteous & respectfull to the staff & fellow classmates.

Hygiene & Grooming

Please be courteous to the staff & your fellow classmates. Common sence goes a long way & it's appreciated.

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