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FITNESS:  Aerobic Cardio Dance, Yoga, Pilates & Zumba

The many benefits

of social dance.

Dance your way to a better

physical, mental and social health.

​​-Physical Health
Low impact aerobic activity.
Improves cardiovascular system.
Exercises and tones all major muscle

groups. Improves flexibility

agility, strength, balance

and posture.

-Mental Health
Engages creativity, motivation,

memory and energy.
Relieves stress, depression

and loneliness through social

interaction. Improves reaction

and mental acuity. Builds

confidence that will translate

to other areas of life.

-Social Benefits
Meet fun new people and friends.
Spend your evening out on the

dance floor. Attend parties

and dance events. Spend time

with smart, professional,

creative, positive and fun

people who will improve

your overall mood.

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Why you should take dance classes - 2a .
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The many benefits of learning to dance -
The Health Benefits of Dance - 2a .jpg
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