Special Event:



Join our student performance team

Audition Date:

Saturday March 7th at 1:30pm

(Beginner & Intermediate level)




Challenge yourself & be part of a winning team

Are you board of the same old routine?

Do you feel like your dancing has not improved much?

If so, then it's time to spice up your dancing,

take it to the next level, & train with us.

We are auditioning for two different student

performance teams. An Intermediate level team

and a beginner level team.

Audition requirements:

Please dress comfortable, ready for a lite

workout & dance training drills. Bring

water, your dance shoes and tennis shoes

This is a student dance training & performance team.

Beginner students must be fast beginner level & above,

9 months plus of dance experience for (beginner) team.

Intermediate students must be intermediate level

& above, with at least one to two years of dancing or

performance experience in one or more of the following dances:

Any Latin dance, Ballroom, Swing, Tango, Jazz, Tap, or Theater.

Must be minimum 18years of age, and in good physical health.

Available to train & rehearse on the following days:

Mondays 8:30pm to 10:30pm, Thursdays 9:30pm to 10:30pm

for (intermediate team) and Saturdays at 1:30pm to 3pm.

for beginner student performance team.

Training fees, required dance attire & additional

information will be discussed if you make the team.

Pre-registration required, please Complete and submit

the audition information form (Click Here),

or call or email us to do so. at (562) 373-2623


"Talent is not just having  the ability to do better than others,

It's using that ability to make others better"

B. Martinez