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Group Classes or Drop-in classes:

These classes are tipically classes that do not require any pre-registration

& students can drop in & participate at anytime, as long you are the level

that the class is taught in. These classes are usually not conducted in a

pregressive formant & can vary in materials taught from week to week.

Private Lessons & Semi-Private Lessons:

If you have a busy schedule & can't attend regularly scheduled classes or, if

you are not comfortable yet in a group setting, perhaps private lessons are for you. 

​These are customized lesson specifically catered for you or your small group. lessons

can be booked on a need basis to fit your busy schedule.

Workshops, Bootcamps, Open House, and Wedding dance,

are specialized lessons that are offered periodically. See our schedule for days & times.


A group class specific to a style or technique. For example: Advance Salsa turns & spins or

Beginner Mambo footwork & musicality. These classes are usualy an hour or longer.



Intensive & educational this specialized group class will teach you several dances in a day.

For example: Learn Salsa, Cha-cha-cha, Tango & bachata all in one day. Bootcamps are

usually 3 or 4 hours long. 


Open House:

This is a FREE introductory dance class. Usually 45 minutes long & requires pre-registration.

If you are dance curious and new to Level Up this is a great way to see our location,

meet our staff & take a free class on us (no charge). Find out if DanceSport is for you.

Weather it's a first dance, father & daughter, mother & son or the entire bridal party.

We can customize and choreograph a dance for your special day. We offer wedding dance packages of 3 or 5 one hour lessons, or we can customize a package just for you. Call us now.

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